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Erectile dysfunction (ED, “male impotence”) is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. An erection occurs as a hydraulic effect due to blood entering and being retained in sponge-like bodies within the penis.

The process is most often initiated as a result of sexual arousal, when signals are transmitted from the brain to nerves in the pelvis. Erectile dysfunction is indicated when an erection is consistently difficult or impossible to produce.

The all-natural, safe ingredients in Poton Plus will deliver nitric oxide and blood to the penis so that you will experience harder, bigger, longer-lasting erections. Patient’s stamina and all-night staying power will dramatically improve. You will experience more pleasure sensitivity and have more powerful, satisfying orgasms. The confidence you will obtain by being able to completely satisfy your partner will be invaluable.

Poton plus also enhances body's strength, immunity, slows aging alleviates depression, improves memory and overall rejuvenates the body.

Pharmaceutical Action

ENHANCE SEXUAL PERFORMANCE: Poton Plus is like a potent source for getting the best sexual drive with the partner. In this supplement there are lots of beneficial properties are hidden that naturally promotes to have pleasurable sexual performance. It naturally upgrades your body capabilities and make your personality boosted. Poton Plus ultimately fills your body with the nutrients and extreme powers.

Produce Essential Hormones: Hormones are one of the essential things which are good for pleasurable sexual drive. The more sexual hormones results better sexual abilities. It rapidly boosts the formation of more sexual hormones results better sexual abilities. "It rapidly boosts the formation of libido and testosterone hormones and enhances your sexual desires."

Manages Premature Ejaculation / Erectile dysfunction: This is the most common problem of sexual dissatisfaction in males because it cut shorts the duration of intimacy and the couple cannot achieve full orgasm. Poton Plus Capsules provide support to many men with ED to respond to sexual stimulation. When a man is sexually aroused, the arteries in the penile relax and widen, allowing more blood to flow into it. As the arteries expand and harden, the veins that normally carry blood away from it become compressed, restricting the blood flowing away from the penile. With more blood flowing in and less getting out, it enlarges, resulting in an erection.

STRENGTH IN THE ELDERLY: With advancement in age, man’s sexual desire also declines because of physical problems, fatigue, depression, stress, emotional conditions and overweight. Poton Plus Capsules helps to make him more active and energetic. It also gets back the mood for being aroused.

Create Extreme Stamina While Performing: Your body requires huge stamina while doing sexual performance for activeness for longer period of time. So, Proton Plus also increases the stamina to allow more time with your partner


  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence of varied etiologies
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed or absent ejaculation
  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Ideal Treatment for Masturbation Effects
  • Male Sexual Weakness and Allied Problems


Extract Tribulus Terrestris (Gokhru)…………………………………………….100 mg
Shudh Mucuna prurita seed (Shudh Konch Beej)………………………..….…75 mg
Purified Asphaltum panjavinium (Sudh Shilajeet)…………………………....…75mg
Extract Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Chlorophytum) (Safed Musli)…………..75 mg
Extract Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)……………………………………75 mg
Extract Abelmoschus Moschatus (Lata Kasturi)…………………………….….50 mg
Anacyclus Pyrenthrum (Akarkara)………………………………………..….…..50 mg
Siddh Makardwaj (A.S.S)…………………………………………………..….….20 mg
Processed three times each in the decoction of Talmakhana (Hygrophila spinose), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus and Varahi kand (Dioscorea bulbifera Linn).

Ingredients in Action

Mucuna prurita recognized as an aphrodisiac in Ayurveda, has shown to increase testosterone levels, leading to deposition of protein in the muscles and increased muscle mass and strength. It is also known to enhance mental alertness and improve coordination.

Tribulus raise testosterone levels, build muscle mass, improve cycle recovery, and even enhance the potency of your erections. Athletes use Tribulus to increase the body's own natural production of testosterone for athletic performance enhancement or to normalize testosterone levels often depressed by steroid use or the prolonged use of steroid precursors. Tribulus increases erectile potency and frequency, it increases ejaculatory fluid volume, it increases energy and it raises libido.

Asphaltum panjavinium is an aphrodisiac. It is well known that Asphaltum (Shilajeet) would return the libido of people to a level of teenagers. Asphaltum increases the core energy responsible for sexual and spiritual power. The use of Asphaltum for renewing vitality.

Withania somnifera increases nitric oxide production which is helpful in dilating blood vessels and is a key factor in maintaining penile erection. Acts as a good aphrodisiac and increases semen quality, sperm count, and mobility.

Chlorophytum Borivilianum is a healing plant which is generally used for Sexual Weakness and Impotence. It is most important herb described ayurveda for vigorous.

Abelmoschus moschatus: Boosts sex drive in males and increases blood circulation.

Anacyclus Pyrenthrum: Helps in strengthening of reproductive system. It ensures normal level of sexual desire, as well as the performance itself.

Siddha Makardhwaj: Maintains Vigour & Vitality & removes physical & mental weakness from the body & generates power & strength.

Recommended Dosage

Take 2 capsules daily with warm water after meals or at bedtime or consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits the condition.

Side Effects

Poton Plus is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed or recommended dosage.


  • Poton Plus may increase heart-rate in few of the patients. patients (with heart condition or any previous health issue) need to be cautious and should take if under medical supervision.
  • Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.
  • If you are taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur.


Blister pack of 10 capsules.

*The above information is not intended to be a substitute for any medicial advice. Consult a qualified doctor or physician before start using Poton Plus capsule. Do not use the information given on this page to self-diagnose or treat any health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any possibility of addiction, if Poton Plus is taken for a long time?

Poton Plus is a natural and safe medicine that includes herbs, which are well-researched for their effectiveness in treating physical weakness and sexual problems. This powerful combination of imported herbs has a stimulating effect on the body, glands and reproductive system. Urogential infection, general body malaise and sexual problems are all cured by this safe medication. One can take this medicine as long as they wish and it is not all habit forming, as the product contains only herbs and is devoid of steroids or other addictive components.

Can I use Poton Plus for treating weakness due to over masturbation?

Poton Plus is an effective herbal medicine to treat general body weakness, sexual weakness and other problems related to over masturbation. A three month regular course provides best results. You can continue taking the medication even beyond three months without any problem.

Is it safe to use Poton Plus by an unmarried person, as it is a strong aphrodisiac?

The herbal formulation of Poton Plus is used to treat reproductive system diseases and sexual problems. It helps in maintaining physical strength and sexual power. It is absolutely safe to be used by unmarried people, as it is not just a product to enhance your sexual pleasure, but an herbal medicine that takes care of many sexual problems.

I'm a senior citizen. Is Poton Plus suitable for me?

Poton Plus is suitable for men of all ages. Many of the studies proving the effectiveness of the ingredients contained in Poton Plus in improving sexual function were carried out on senior citizens. However, if you are currently taking any medication or have any existing health issues you should check with your doctor or health practitioner before taking Poton Plus.

How fast can I expect to see results with Poton Plus?

Results vary between different people, but most of our customers start seeing results within the first few weeks of taking Poton Plus. In order to see results, it is important you continue to take Poton Plus every day. The longer you continue to take Poton Plus, better the results you will get.

How it works?

Poton Plus directly works at your reproductive organs. Actually, this supplement contains those ingredients which work to increase the quantity of sexual hormones like libido and testosterone and then it makes size of your reproductive organs bigger.

These changes will give you better sexual desire and when you are performing sexual performance you will get the extreme powers in your body by boosting the flow of blood in the body by which you will become able to do some more with your partner.

Its impacts are visible and really appreciable. You just try this and feel the changes.

Is this enhancement supplement is a scam?

We understand that you may have some queries regarding this supplement. But believe us because we produce Poton Plus by the combination of most potent ingredients which ensures for better results. It always delivers better results and do not cause any harmful extracts. So, this fact proves that this supplement is not any type of scam. Now, don't think too much it is absolutely good for you.

Does Poton Plus have any side effect?

We didn't receive any kind of complaints from our customers. In fact, we make Poton Plus by using of best quality ingredients which ensure for better outcomes at your body. Even you can see some visible best outcome at your body. So, there is no chance for any side effect in Poton Plus. This is really safe and effective for use.

Why I am recommending it to you?

Actually, we also see the positive outcomes of Poton Plus. So, for those people who are suffering with any of the sexual related issues, they can simply use it and get some best outcomes which will prove good for their lives. That's why; I am recommending it to you.


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