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Is it advisable to take any other medicine while under Herbal/Ayurvedic Treatment?

There is no harm in taking other medicines along with Herbal/Ayurvedic medicines. As there is no drug-interaction between Herbal medicines and medicines of other systems, so they can be taken according to the need or as directed by the physician.

Are Herbal/Ayurvedic Medicines “Safe”

Yes, Herbal medicines are very safe as they are made from the rich herbs of the nature. Since herbs and plant are used for making these medicines, the side effects are nil.

Can Ayurveda help me lose weight?

The root cause of obesity and being overweight is imbalance, according to Ayurveda, just as the case is with any disease or illness. Many specific factors contribute including too little physical activity, consuming too many calories, poor quality diet, and an imbalance in hormonal levels. Ayurveda looks at obesity as an excess build up and accumulation of kapha in the body. In order to correct these imbalances, one must cut back in the areas where there is excess and increase the areas that are lacking. That means balancing calorie consumption with physical exercise, and herbal food supplementation with detoxification. Ayurveda realizes the need to correct imbalances in the body naturally. These corrections might include dietary adjustments, changes in amounts of physical exercise, detoxification, massage, acupuncture, aroma therapy, and meditation. If the principles of balance taught in Ayurveda are followed consistently, one can expect to completely regain their healthy weight.

What are some examples of methods of Ayurveda in practice?

Ayurveda methods and treatments differ from many other conventional practices in that Ayurveda treatments emphasize and focus on curing the individual rather than curing the disease specifically. It focuses on removing the root cause of disease rather than suppressing the symptoms. This approach is evidence that Ayurveda believes in the dynamic balance of all the functions of the body and returning the body to a balanced state will cure illness. There are many natural methods and treatments used in Ayurveda that can help restore the body’s healthy constitution. Among these are medication (herbs and minerals), acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, allopathy, aromatherapy, yoga, fasting, purging, enema and other natural body purification techniques.

I want increase in penis size and late ejaculation for getting better experience in sex?

We recommend you to take Poton capsules (click here) Take one capsule twice a day after meal with milk. This will help in increasing the Sperm count and sexual power with help in sustaining the sperms for longer time. These products will help to improve the lost immunity of reproductive and urinary tract, boost the sexual power to induce good erection and increase copulation time. This will help in strengthening the reproductive organs and improves the emission and expulsion phases of ejaculation.

I am a working lady of age 34. I tend to have painful periods and am supposed to be on leave for those five days. What should I do?

Regulin Forte Capsule: One Capsule on empty stomach with warm milk followed by another capsule with warm milk before dinner, 3 to 4 days before the schedule menstrual cycle.

Ricalvit Capsule: 1 OD for complete one month to maintain your blood count and relieve anxiety level. Regulin forte is a non-hormonal powerful Menstrual Regulator with fastest and shortest course. It tones up female generative organs, promotes regular menstruation and allays pain.


Regulin Forte Capsule: One Capsule on empty stomach with warm milk followed by another capsule with warm milk before dinner, 3 to 4 days before the schedule menstrual cycle.

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