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Herbal Ayurvedic Products Total Solution For Contract Manufacturing/Private Labeling

“Ayurveda” an officially recognized system of medicine in India, which is globally recognized as Traditional Medicine (TRM) by the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, it is estimated that the Indian ayurvedic market size is Rs 12000 crore & is substantially growing between 15-20 percent, and assuming with the same growth rate targeted for the next 10 years. Further, it is also observed that many well known multinational pharma companies are planning to invest huge amounts in ayurveda & are increasingly outsourcing their demand from Indian CRAM companies.

Leveraging on the state of art facilities, we have cater to the growing demand for contract manufacturing. Moreover, we have strong intellectual knowledge base and proven capabilities to develop cost efficient solutions.

Our Product: Our Brand : Your Packing : Under this arrangement the company SAS will develop new product formula, manufacture products under its own Brand name as per packing/labeling specifications of the 2nd party who will have marketing rights for the new products. (Title: Manufactured by SAS Pharmaceuticals (H.P) Marketed by …………………).

Our Product: Your Brand: Your Packing : We will manufacture products as per our Formula under your brand name, as per your packing specifications to be marketed by you. (Our formula, your brand, your mktg.) All necessary approvals and licenses will be the responsibility of SAS.

Your Product: Your Brand: Your Packing : Under this Exclusive arrangement we will manufacture products as per your formula, specifications, your brand and your packing. All necessary approvals and licenses will be the responsibility of SAS.

Your Product Idea : Our Development : Your Brand & Packing: Under this arrangement you will give us your product idea, we will develop the formula, will manufacture the same as per your Brand and Packing specifications. All approvals and licenses for developing formula and manufacturing will be our responsibility. Brand registration, packing formalities etc. will be the responsibility of the 2nd party.

We are open to the following proposals from all over India
1.) Franchise Facility: Monopoly basis/District-wise/City-wise/Area-wise
2.) PCD (Propaganda-cum-Distributor) Facility: State-wise/District-wise

Our commercial policy is transparent and liberal. The business ideas can be discussed and negotiated at any given point of time across the table for mutual benefit and satisfaction.

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