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The origin of family business, which now operates all over India and aims at World Wide Stride - can be traced back to many years, when S.A.S had its inception with motto “Quality is the testimonial of our sincere intention towards ailing humanity
SAS is a pioneer in capsulation of Ayurvedic herbs in their purest and natural form. We have now even made our paths into the international market.

It is a GMP certified company dealing in production of scientifically and therapeutically balanced capsules. These capsules are processed under stringent quality checkups; and none of the capsule is ever touched by naked hand. . In the factory all work is done on automatic & semi-automatic machines. Our team of in house doctors, research officers and pharmacist leave no stone unturned to bring its products par excellence, in India and world wide.

In an intense desire to promote healthy living and Ayurveda, SAS has a diversified range of products that leave almost no medicinal field untouched. SAS has the most sophisticated and scientific unit to manufacture is products. With this strong base and history that can be traced back to many years and existing 25 compound preparations, SAS has now stepped into the field of dietary supplements and health products. They have launched 58 new single herb preparations.

Ayurveda is a way of life. It is a homogenous bond between nature, life and herbs. Though it is challenging to supply adequate natural, pure herbs with all their active ingredients, in a proper dose that required by our body; we at “SAS” strive hard to meet the above requirement.

“SAS” that has been operating all over India for many years now, has been and is still using purest of herbs in any form that are required. Series of single herb preparations has an advantage of being readily absorbed in body. The single herb products are prepared in the strength that caters to daily requirement of an adult making it dosage specific, quantity specific and most effective. Thereby they give instantaneous and sustaining relief.

“SAS” believes and emphasizes on quality, keeping in view international standards and customer demand. Our each product goes through intensive and vigorous chemical, analytical and microbiological examination before it steps into the market.
Keeping in view the Ancient Ayurvedic text, our single herb preparations provide maximum possible therapeutic dosage that is safe and required by the human body to fight back diseases.

In order to cater both the ayurvedic doctors and doctors of other different streams, our product description gives a vast knowledge about the mode of action of each herb on a defined body system.

Even with this strong base, SAS has never ever compromised with quality. We at SAS provide the herb in its best strength, consistency and purest form. Because we believe in a fact that “quality admits no compromise. Each product of this company, before being launched in market undergoes series of clinical trials from reputed doctors to rule out any side effects.
The abbreviation SAS stands for “Safe Ayurvedic Specialties” and keeping this in mind we produce the most safest and ethical form of products. Maharishi Charka has rightly said “ Ayurveda has no beginning and no end.”

And we at SAS promise ourselves to serve this knowledge of healthy life with our best in coming years too.

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