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Capsule Trifla


A Capsule prepared from:


1 part


1 part


1 part

Description: moderately fine powder, light yellow in color, pleasant odour and astringent in taste.
Dosage: 2-10 g
Anupan: warm water, ghee, and honey

Therapeutic use: anaha, netraroga, agnimandya, prameha, visamjvara

Trifla is one of the most famous herbal compounds in ayurvedic medicine. Trifla literally means "three fruits." The three fruits contained in Trifla are Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki. Because it is slow, you can take Trifla for longer periods of time, and then it has a deeply purifying effect. It goes deep into the physiology and releases the toxins at a much deeper level. Because it detoxifies the blood, muscle and fat tissues, it is excellent for preventing skin disease. And because it removes ama from the fat tissue, Trifla also helps balance cholesterol Trifla also purifies the urine and prevents urinary tract disease. It enhances all thirteen agnis (digestive fires), especially the main digestive fire in the stomach. It pacifies Kapha and Pitta, and if taken regularly, is a powerful anti-aging rasayana.

Capsule Trifla contains 500 mg of pure and concentrated trifla
Dosage: one capsule a day with water
Package: 30 capsules


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