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Capsule Shilajeet

Latin name: Asphaltum
Common name: sialjit, silaras
English name: asphalt, mineral pitch

Habitat: Shilajeet is obtained from rocks in the Himalayan region. It is a form of mineral that drips from the cracks of the rocks during hot weather. It is decomposition of the plant matter in the rocks centuries before. The bio-transformed plant matter is extruded from the rocks by geothermal pressures. It is collected in raw form for further purification. Walking high in the Himalayan Mountains, a thick rich paste oozing out from the rocks in the towering cliffs is Shilajeet.

Macroscopic identification: Shilajeet is an exudate that is pressed out from layers of rock in the mountains. It is composed of humus and organic plant material that has been compressed by layers of rock. In the raw form it is a bituminous substance, which is a compact mass of vegetable organic matter composed of dark red gummy matrix. It is bitter in taste

Parts used: exudate

Pharmacological action: alterative, tonic, slightly laxative, cholagogue, respiratory stimulant, disinfectant, expectorant, intestinal antiseptic, diuretic and lithotriptic, anodyne.

Actions and uses in ayurveda: Charaka says that there is hardly any disease that is not cured from shilajeet. It is employed in genito-urinary diseases, diabetes, gall stones, jaundice, enlarged spleen, dyspepsia, worms, digestive troubles, piles, adiposity, renal and urinary calculi, tuberculosis, leprosy, eczema, anemia, anorexia etc.

Indications: It increases the core energy responsible for sexual and spiritual power the same force that is withered by stress and anxiety. The use of Shilajeet for renewing vitality It is widely used for diabetes, impotency, chronic fatigue, genito-urinary diseases, gall stones, jaundice, enlarged spleen, dyspepsia, worms, digestive troubles, piles, hysteria, insanity, nerve diseases, ammenorhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, tuberculosis, leprosy, eczema, elephantiasis, anemia, anorexia, bronchitis, asthma and fracture of bones.

Photochemical: it contains an oil which when distilled is known as ichthyol, benzoic acid and benzoates, 65% urea, 85% water, 56% organic matter, 1.03% nitrogen, 7.80% lime, 9.07% potash, 0.16% phosphoric acid and 1.35% silica.

Properties and action:

Rasa: tikta, kashaya
Guna: laghu, snigdh
Virya: usna
Vipaka: madhura
Karma: vatakapha hara, balya, rasayana, vajikarna.


Therapeutic classification index:

  • Blood and haemopoeitic tissue: Iron is required to make red blood cells. Shilajeet is a good source of trace minerals and contains iron. The fulvic acids help carry the iron into the body making it bio-available.
  • Respiratory system: Since it also promotes expectoration, it makes it useful in respiratory illnesses. It may be used in acute and chronic bronchitis. The antispasmodic qualities brings it's effects with asthma
  • Reproductive system Shilajeet is an aphrodisiac. It increases the libido of men and is an aphrodisiac
  • Nutrition and metabolism: Shilajeet has long been used for the prevention and treatment of diabetes in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Genito- urinary system: Shilajeet is used in kidney function. It is effective in treating burning urine, incontinence of urine due to enlarged prostate or stone in the bladder or kidney
  • Immunity system: Antioxidants can safely neutralize a free radical without becoming a free radical them self. Shilajeet is a powerful antioxidant that has the added benefit of being able to cross the blood-brain barrier

Shilajit is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It has been shown to reduce acute chemically induced edema by 77%. The antioxidant properties also help to prevent inflammation

Use of shilajeet in arthritis

It literally means joint inflammation. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to decrease and relieve joint inflammation and pain. The effects on the neurotransmitters in the brain also seem to help relieve joint pain.

Use of shilajeet in lowering down Cholesterol: 

Shilajeet was found to lower serum cholesterol, liver cholesterol, serum triglycerides and serum phospholipids in test subjects feed high cholesterol diet.

Dose: 125-500mg

Capsule Shilajeet contains 250 mg of Shuddh Shilajeet
Dosage: one capsule twice a day.
Package 60 capsules


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