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Capsule Rajahpravartini vati

A tablet prepared from:
Kasisa 1 part
Tankan 1 part
Kanya sar 1 part
Hing 1 part
Kanya swaras q.s for mardan

Description: Powder is smooth, odor characteristic to hing and saline taste

Dosage: 250mg- 400 mg

Anupan: warm water, tila kasaya, kulattha kasaya and milk

Therapeutic use: rajorodh and kastartava
Ammenorhea of any cause and painful menstruation that is dysmenorrhea

1. The Ayurvedic Formulary of India, vol I, vati and gutika, pg 151
2. Pharmacopeial Standards for Ayurvedic Formulations, vati and gutika, pg 423
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