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Capsule Dadimashtak

A capsule prepared from
Vanshlochan 1Part
Dalchini 2 Part
Chhoti elaichi 2 Part
Tejpata 2 Part
Nagkesar 2 Part
Ajwain 4 Part
Jeera (swet) 4 Part
Dhaniya 4 Part
Pippalimool 4 Part
Sonth 4 Part
Marich 4 Part
Pipplai 4 Part
Anardana 4 Part
Misri 32 Part
Method of preparation: all the drugs are mixed properly and filled in capsules
Description: powder is smooth light brown in color and palatable.

Classical dosage: 5-10 gms
Anupan: water

Therapeutic use: sprue, dyspepsia, morning sickness, nausea, vomiting.

Dosage: one capsule twice a day with water before meals
Package size: 60 capsules

Anti emetic and anti - nauseate

1. Bhaisajya Ratnawali pg no. 170
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