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Capsule Brahmi

Latin name: Bacopa Monnieri
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Common name: Sarswati, Mandook parni
English name: Thyme Leaved Gratiola, Indian Pennywort

Habitat: It is a creeping plant found in damp, marshy regions throughout India. Of all Indian herbal therapies,

Macroscopic identification: Root is thin, wiry, small, branched creamish-yellow. Stem is thin, green in color, soft with nodes and internodes. Leaves are simple, decussate, green, sessile, 1-2 cm long, obovate-oblong. Flowers are small, axillary and white. Fruit is ovoid and glabrous.

Parts used: whole plant

Pharmacological action: The drug is astringent, bitter and cooling, nerve tonic, cardio tonic, aperient and diuretic

Action and uses in Ayurveda: Kustha, Jwara, Sopha, Pandu, Prameha, Manasavikara

Indications: The drug is astringent, bitter and cooling and reportedly improves the intellect. It is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of asthma, hoarseness, insanity and epilepsy and is also potent nerve tonic, cardiotonic, aperient and diuretic. It is reported to improve the intellect, and acts as anti-anxiety agent. It also clams restlessness in children and is used in several mental disorders.

Photochemical: The major phytoconstituent of Brahmi are Bacosides. Bacosides are saponins in nature, which help to repair damaged neurons by enhancing proteins involved in the regeneration of neural-cell synapses in body. The alkali Brahmine resembles strychnine in action but is less toxic. It contains stigma sterol in free state. The active principle, Hersaponin resembles reserpine and chlorpromazine in action

Properties and action:

Rasa: tikta, kasaya, madhura
Guna: laghu, sara
Virya: sita
Vipaka: madhura
Karma: vata-har, kapha-har, rasayan, ayusya, medhya, swarya, prajasthapan, vish-hara, moh-hara.


Therapeutic classification index:

  • Central nervous system: it is used in the treatment of epilepsy, depression, loss of memory, weak memory, tension induced hypertension and insomnia.
  • Blood and haemopoeitic tissue: It is used as a blood cleanser
  • Digestive system: A study conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Brahmi in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) found the herb to exert beneficial effects, particularly on the form where diarrhea was predominant. Clinical studies on healthy human volunteers have also shown multiple doses of Bacosides to be well tolerated and devoid of any untoward reaction or side effects.
  • Hair: Brahmi is also reputed to stimulate hair, skin and nail growth.
  • Skin: It is used in a variety of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, boils and ulcers

Brahmi- A Potent Brain Tonic.

1.In clinical and preclinical studies, Bacopa monnieri has been shown to contribute to enhanced exploratory behavior and greater desire to seek out novelty, sharpened memory, and increased learning and retention. A placebo-controlled, double blind study, tested the efficacy of Bacopa monnieri in children. For six weeks, 50 normal school children split into two groups were given Bacopa monnieri and placebo respectively. At the conclusion, they were evaluated for attention, concentration, and memory. Bacopa monnieri was shown to improve all these aspects significantly.

2.The use of herbal extracts to improve brain function is becoming increasingly popular and, in a study by Bhattacharya et. al, reported in Phytotherapeutic Research 14 (3), 174-9 (2000), the effects of the Ayurvedic herb Bacopa monniera (BM), also known as Brahmi, were compared with Deprenyl, and both substances were assessed as to their effect on brain chemicals associated with oxidative stress and memory function.

In the study carried out in rats, a standardised extract of Bacopa for 7, 14 or 21 days was compared with deprenyl. After 14 and 21 days of Bacopa there was an increase of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Catalase (CAT) and Glutathione Peroxidase (GPX) in all brain areas, whereas deprenyl showed increased antioxidant activities only in the frontal cortex and the striatum.

The authors suggest that the antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects of Bacopa may partly explain the cognitive-facilitating action of the herb.

Brahmi- the stress reliever

Brahmi induces a sense of calm and peace in its users. It is unique in its ability to invigorate mental processes whilst reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety. This makes Brahmi extremely applicable in highly stressful work or study environments where clarity of thought is as important as being able to work under pressure. Many people have the intelligence to perform to strict standards, but lack the composure and self-confidence to reach them. Additionally, Brahmi helps soothe the restlessness and distraction that nervousness causes. Brahmi is ideal for students and workers faced with this problem.

Brahmi increases memory

1.Brahmi has shown to be helpful in treating ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), age-related mental deterioration and concentration difficulties due to stress, it may be incredibly beneficial where there is no health condition, but only the desire to improve cognitive function. An animal study in 1982 found that Brahmi improved the initial acquisition of learned information as well as retention ability. The study also showed that Brahmi delayed the length of time it took for the information to become extinct or 'unlearned'. Brahmi is as eminently suited to a healthy, young student looking to maximize their ability to focus and study, as to an elderly person hoping to regain their memory. It enables people to optimize their intellectual potential and mental vitality for the betterment of both personal and professional pursuits.


2.Central Drug Institute of India discovered that Brahmi contained two main active ingredients, Bacosides A and B. The neurobiological effects of these isolated molecules were found to increase protein kinase activity and new protein synthesis, specifically in cells in regions of the brain associated with long-term memory. They determined that this long-treasured herb had the amazing ability to facilitate learning, memory and concentration by stimulating neural activity.

Dose: powder-1-3g
Fresh juice 5-10ml
Capsule Brahmi contains pure and concentrated Brahmi.
Dosage: one capsule twice a day.

Package size: 60 capsules.


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