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Follow these easy health tips to stay active and healthy all through your life.

How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Makeup helps in concealing the flaws in your skin but they cannot remove these flaws. Most of the women apply makeup to hide the flaws in their skin. If your skin is naturally beautiful you wouldn’t need much makeup. In this review, I will be mentioning a few tips that can help you to look naturally beautiful.

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6 Breathing Techniques to Help with Anxiety

Each and everyone are affected by anxiety, in almost all times. People who severely suffer from anxiety may experience many health issues including panic / anxiety attacks, uneven / rapid heartbeat, or sometimes it may even lead to chest pain / heart attack. Preventive measures are to be taken to control your breathing and (BP) blood pressure.

Experts suggest that breathing exercises are one of the best ways to overcome anxiety. The following breathing techniques will help you control your anxiety and panic attacks:

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Easy Tips For Healthy Digestion

Many people face various digestive problems almost all the times. You can prevent these digestive problems and get a healthy digestive system by following these simple tips:

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Foods To Fight Against Cancer

Apart from heart attacks, Cancer is one such disease which holds second place when it comes to resulting in death of several people across the world, it also has been found by WHO (World Health Organization) that there have been 5,69,490 deaths. Additionally it has also been predicted that by the year 2015 cancer will probably kill about 9 million people among which 75% of the cancers will be result of several environmental factors like tobacco, radiation, diet and several other infectious diseases.

American Cancer Society has estimated that among all the cancer deaths 1/3 of them have been caused due to diet, further there are several methods in which the estimations about cancer can be proved wrong by fighting it. WHO states that there are 40% of all the cancers which have been detected in the world can be easily cured for which only certain changes have to be made in diet along with sufficient physical activity and saying no to tobacco.

So we have come up with the idea of gathering details about all the foods which will help in fighting this deadly disease and live an active life, there are many people who are of the opinion that it is not really expensive and tough to fight cancer instead as opposed to this it is pretty much easy and even cheap to fight cancer by eating healthy diet.

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Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are favorites among many though they are not aware entirely of the advantages that can be gained from them, this sweet and exotic fruit surely appeases the taste buds also is known for its mind refreshing ability. There are very few people who will probably believe that banana is 4th primary food which is eaten across entire world immediately after eating rice, wheat and corn. Banana takes first place when it comes to finding which is the most consumed fruit across entire US that is followed by Apple.

Among the 80 million tons of banana which are produced across entire world there is only 20% of this production which is sent out to export while the rest of this production is used for local use. Banana is the main food item when it comes to India and Sub-Sahara and even among those who follow Islam it is said that this banana is food of Heaven.

Some of the South-east Asian parts make use of the fruit along with its leaves in cooking where banana leaves are used as wraps to cook fish while the fruit which can be cooked is known as plantain and are green in color unlike the ripe one which is usually yellow in color and can be eaten directly.

This fruit can also be used to prepare exotic drinks, smoothies apart from which it can also be used in baking and desserts, the bananas which are used in their ripe form are known as desert bananas. The main vitamins in this fruit include Vitamin A, B complex, B-6 and C apart from which 75% of these bananas are full of water along with other nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and fiber.

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